Quality and product development

We meet our clients’ needs by ensuring that our service is always of a high quality. Client satisfaction forms the starting point for our operations. Our professional skills and competence, local presence, the high quality of our work, our efficient operations and service attitude are the leading principles with which we strive to keep our clients satisfied.
Our clients represent all sectors, including the public sector, industry, real estate investors and developers, real estate users, and general contractors.

Added value for clients

We offer our clients services and solutions due to which their buildings, industrial plants and processes are not only energy-efficient and cost-effective, but also functional, safe and sustainable. We always aim to provide our clients with the best possible solutions, tailored to their needs.

We create added value for our clients by offering our competence in the integration of technical systems: our comprehensive competence covering all technical disciplines enables us to guarantee that that the final result is always an efficient assembly of compatible systems. Our own design and engineering as well as in-house product development ensure that solutions work as planned at the implementation phase and that the needs of the maintenance phase have also been taken into account.

High quality and familiarity with our clients’ needs are the key reasons due to which our clients have continued long-term cooperation with us. Long-term service agreements, client relationships and cooperation reflect that the quality of our operations is trusted. We engage in long-term cooperation with our clients in, for example, occupational safety matters.

In our EPC energy-savings projects we provide our clients with a savings guarantee rarely offered in our industry. The quality of our operations is the prerequisite for being able to provide such extensive guarantee, covering a life cycle of up to 20 years. Trust is also manifested in the orders we receive: order backlog grew by 10% compared to the previous year.

Product development

We develop our products and services continuously to be able to meet our clients’ needs.

At our Space for Innovation research centre in Aachen, Germany, we focus particularly on the manufacture and product development of advanced solutions for ventilation, cooling and heating. In addition to the research centre, product development work is carried out in our divisions.

The common operating model improves the quality of our operations

The Group’s expenses related to research and development activities related to product and service development amounted to approximately EUR 2.8 million in 2015, representing 0.1 percent of revenue. The total efforts amounted to EUR 9.6 million (0.4 percent of revenue) in 2014 and to EUR 12.7 million (0.5 percent of revenue) in 2013.

 We want high quality to be visible in everything we do, starting from the first contact with a client. This is why we see it important to develop our own internal processes, tools and operating methods.

As we enter 2016 the main focus will be on the continued implementation of harmonised systems in all our divisions. We are seeking benefits from this common enterprise architecture by supporting our employees during tender processes and facilitating improved project management follow-up. It also enables easier integration of potential acquired businesses into our operations. Caverion aims to reach its financial targets by the end of 2016 firstly by benefiting from the recent investments into operational efficiency and by focusing on procurement and administrative efficiency.

Good service demands a committed personnel

Each Caverion employee is responsible for the quality of our operations: Caverion is precisely as professional, reliable and good a partner as the client perceives our work to be. Quality operations require a committed personnel.

We offer our personnel training in client service, for example. In Finland, for instance, we arrange the 10+ Asenne ratkaisee (‘It is the attitude that counts’) coaching programme for our employees in the service and maintenance business. The purpose of the coaching is to ensure that the quality of our work is visible in our clients’ daily life and that we all comply with jointly agreed operating methods. The coaching ends in what we refer to as the Service Pass test, in which the participant must demonstrate that they have adopted the basic rules of good service and that they are committed to work accordingly. The programme has been a success, and our goal is to utilise the concept in our other operating countries in the future, too.

Feedback collected systematically

We collect client feedback and use it for the development of our operations to match our clients’ needs.

Client feedback is collected systematically, project- and agreement-specifically. We measure client satisfaction throughout the company, but the methods and extent vary depending on the country and unit. In some countries, we carry out small-scale surveys on a weekly basis, concerning specific deliveries, and annually more comprehensive surveys on general client satisfaction. In some countries, surveys are carried out each quarter or twice a year. Client satisfaction surveys are often included in the terms and conditions of a service agreement.