ServiFlex is a complete service agreement for preventive planned maintenance. Caverion offers this modern service concept for a single or multiple technical systems. We create the need-based maintenance agreement together with the client from a selection of more than 100 modular services for ease and efficiency in everyday operations.

Benefits of an all-inclusive service agreement includes:

  • predictability in maintenance, materials reparation costs 
  • prolonged life of the technical installation and increased the value of the property 
  • continuous improvements that ensure a healthy and safe work environment 
  • better indoor climate, which increases productivity and performance 

In addition, professionally maintained and serviced properties address the concerns of climate change, e.g.  with the use of energy-efficient technologies and decreased greenhouse gas emissions.

Benefits of the ServiFlex agreement:

  • guarantees you one point of contact for all technical topics
  • we proactively plan ahead, and estimate your building’s or industrial process’ upcoming maintenance needs
  • we can identify issues with technical installations before any severe damage or production loss takes place
  • All legal requirements are fulfilled, with high-quality documentation available also online

Ad hoc service

Sometimes there is also a need for extra service such as smaller installations or other ad hoc needs. If something unexpected happens between planned services, we can offer 24/7 support by our trained on-duty technicians with guaranteed response times.

ServiFlex+ will be launched during the autumn

ServiFlex+ is Caverion’s renewed service concept for technical  maintenance. The concept is based on modular set up, so that the clients can choose different type of service levels . The new ServiFlex+ brings added value with 24/7 monitoring. Clients benefit significantly from cost efficiency and lower energy consumption.