Data Centres Power Smart City Technology

Data centres are the physical facilities where data is stored and processed. As our cities become smarter and more connected, the importance of secure, reliable, and sustainable data centres is increasingly highlighted. The environmental conditions of a data centre are highly controled, with ventilation and cooling playing a significant role in their total energy consumption. The residual (otherwise "wasted") emission-free heat from data centres can be recovered and used  in nearby buildings or district heating, and e.g. solar panels can assist in generating green energy used by the data centre.


Our services and solutions are part of modern data centres:

Cloud technology


Cloud Technology

Cloud-based solutions for automation technology enable services like remote monitoring, advanced anlytics, and optimisation of both energy and maintenance costs. Clouds in smart cities are in blue skies and green data centres.

Energy Management


Energy Management

Energy management and optimisation plays a crucial role in a data centre's efficiency and sustainability, when as much as 75% of a data centre's operational costs are spent on energy. 

Cooling data centres



Cooling data centres can represent roughly 30-50% of the total electricity consumption in a data centre, and often represents the single most efficient area for optimisation in a data centre. Caverion has vast experience in this area.


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