As cities grow, we need secure solutions to enable safe and smooth mobility

Telematics enable the gathering and transmission of data related to vehicles, transit, and road safety. The information is used to remotely monitor and control transport systems and ensure their safe and reliable operation. Smart telematics are one of they key instruments used to improve and nurture transport systems in smart cities: from roads and tunnels to electric vehicles, bicycles, and emergency services. 


Ways to make traffic smarter:

Better surveillance


Better Surveillance

Improved monitoring of data helps identify potential issues faster. 



Faster Communication

Efficient communication to road users prevents accidents and traffic jams.

Improved safety


Improved Safety

Ensuring that tunnels and other delicate infrastructure are safer in all conditions. 


Caverion services for road and tunnel automation

Tunnel entrance

Technical systems for road and tunnel automation

To enable smooth and safe operations in tunnels, we install and maintain all the smart technology solutions such as alarms, sensors, and signs. For example:

  • Safety power supply
  • Lighting (control & measurements)
  • Fire alarm and emergency call system
  • Ventilation & air quality measurements
  • Traffic control and management
  • Audio communication system
  • Video surveillance
  • Accoustic monitoring

Remote Centre

The remote centre gives you real-time visibility of congestion and enables you to adjust speed limits accordingly.

Our remote centre can monitor your infrastructure 24/7. This enables fast reactions and helps discover potential problems earlier.

Remote centre operators monitor data, video and surveillance systems. A swift response to any situation prevents further traffic congestion and improves communication to drivers.

Remote centre


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