The production of heat and power has a huge impact on our environment and our future.

A Combined Heat & Power Plant (or CHP plant) is the type of power plant that generates electricity and captures the (otherwise wasted) thermal energy to be used for heating. The sustainable production of heat and power is achieved when we select the right energy sources, as well as operate and maintain the plants correctly.


The way plants are operated and maintained can greatly reduce CO2 emissions, increase efficiency, and ensure no energy is wasted.

Advanced automation


Advanced Automation 

When plant operation is optimized with smart technology used by industry experts, efficiency and safety increases.

Machine learning


Machine Learning

Operation becomes even more efficient when additional data from processes is collected with IoT sensors and analysed with machine learning applications.

Operation & maintenance


Operation & Maintenance

Data helps operation and maintenance crews make the right decisions. The supply of power and heat must be uninterrupted and safe – every hour of every day.

Smart CHP plants respond to the changing needs of the city

A smart CHP plant is closely connected to the surrounding smart city to provide the apporpriate output of energy and heating for businesses and homes. Energy industry experts operate and maintain the plant efficiently, making sure that there is minimal downtime in the critical supply of heat and electricity.

Woman working in a CHP lab

Caverion operation and maintenance partnerships:

  • We handle the operation and maintenance of combined heat and power plants, heating plants, district heating networks and hydropower plants, including add-on projects and installation services.
  • Environmental regulations and sustainability targets are ahdeared to in the operation of power plants and heat networks. 
  • Efficiency in operations reduces environmental impact. 
  • We prioritise the continual improvement of safety in our operations and maintenance work, ensuring the health and wellbeing of our personnel, and guaranteeing the essential safe supply of power and heat. 

Smarter heat and power generation

By using the latest IoT and AI tools and by selecting the right energy sources, we can:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Optimise plant operation & maintenance
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Use CO2 neutral renewable fuels
  • Provide a safe operating environment
Two people in a CHP plant

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