Large-scale chemical processing requires safe and secure industrial units and facilities to support production

Chemical plants and refineries process the essential chemical building blocks used in our cities and industries at large scale. The production of fuels based on renewable and recyclable raw materials (e.g. recovery of recycled plastics) with the ultimate aim of efficient use of by-products. More efficient real-time monitoring of processes through machine learning will help to define the right operating and alarm limits for the process and to set the process controls to the right values. More efficient optimization of processes through machine learning and enhanced analytics will lead to minimization of potential process "wobbles", resulting in energy savings and improved product quality. With a maintenance partner, you have the support of dedicated experts remotely as well as remote monitors to enable process control options. Enhanced condition monitoring with sound analysis, motion amplification, valve diagnostics allows you to anticipate failure situations and create maintenance programmed for the different process equipment.



Essential services in petrochemical plants

Industrial Partnership


Industrial Partnerships

Partnerships are the backbone of creating safe and reliable operations, and in developing a deep understanding of the facility, its equipment, and its unqiue operating environment. Partnerships ensure that we work towards common objectives and are committed to the same goals. We work as one with our partners, mutually committed to success. 

Valve maintenance


Valve Maintenance

Industrial valves are robust and designed to endure heavy use in some of the most extreme environments. Skilled technicians understand the valve and its environment, monitoring for things such as internal/external leaks, or abnormal sounds coming from the valves, and ensuring the longevity, health, and perfomance of the valve.

Maintenance breaks


Maintenance Breaks

All facilities require breaks to perform critical maintenance tasks. Scheduled equipment downtime during maintenance breaks allows for the proper care of the facility and its occupants, while minimising production downtime. During the break, the right tools and experts are on site and able to tend to the equipment, whether for planned or unscheduled maintenance. 




Chemical Industry Audit - Together for Sustainability

Caverion participated in a sustainability audit of the chemical industry at the end of 2021. The audit was carried out by Together for Sustainability (TfS), a global network of 33 chemical companies that published an international standard for environmental, social and governance performance in chemical supply chains. The TfS programme is based on the UN Global Compact and Responsible Care® principles.

We participated in the audit because we are a maintenance partner for a number of chemical companies and we want to be involved in development projects that are important to our customers. The audit covered the areas of management, well-being and safety, environment, labour and human rights, and governance. We received the maximum score of 200/200, reflecting the aspects of sustainability ingrained in our operations.

Caverion technicians