Amusement Parks require a huge amount of well planned maintenance to ensure that nobody gets hurt during the visit

Amusement parks with their thrilling rides and joyful environments create some of the most memorable days in our lives! The parks are also an environment where meticulous care of equipment with predictive and preventive maintenance are critically important to ensuring the safety of the visitors, and the operation of the park. Welding and installation of metal structures requires an expert in the field for the rides to be always carefully maintained and properly serviced, and that the latest technology is used to create the magical experiences.



Helping Create Excitement and Joy



Safety & Reliability

Reliability and a strong safety track-record are of signular importance in amusement parks. A failure in safety can lead to catastrophic damage of brand reputation and heavily impact commercial viability. Safety is always first, for visitors, staff, and equipment.

Preventive Maintenance


Predictive Maintenance

Predictive and preventive maintenance are efficient ways to prolong the lifecycle of the rides. Predictive maintenance utilises advanced technolgoy to detect abnormalities in equipment behaviour, and helps to avoid costly unplanned shutdowns of rides or services.

Smart Sensors


Smart Sensors

Modern amusement parks utilise technoloty to manage people flow and know exactly when facilities, rides, or equipment need to be serviced or maintained. AI- and IoT-based smart sensors can detect and repair deviations in equipment, or alert operators to respond immediately.



Industrial Maintenance in the Hands of Experts

Did you know that amusement parks utilise the same know-how and expertise as the operation and maintenance of industrial facilities such as power or production plants?

Finding the right partner to entrust the safe and reliable maintenance of the park is one of the most critical elements of successfully operating an amusement park. Knowing what criteria to evaluate when selecting a partner for industrial maintenance requires experience and a keen knowledge of what to prioritise, and why. Learn more about outsourcing industrial maintenance form our buyer's guide!