Charging stations keep you on the move!

The electrificaiton of transport is one of the most exciting transitions taking place in cities around the world. As electric vehicles become the prevailing type of passenger cars and vans, and with a ban on the sale of petrol/diesel cars in the EU by 2035 as part of the "Fit for 55" package (with Norway targeting a ban on  fossil-fueled new car sales by 2025), the need for reliable EV charging infrastructure is a hot topic for drivers as well as facility managers and building owners. Having properly dimensioned and reliable charging solutions for public, office, or destination charging is part of what keeps a Smart City operating smoothly.

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Installation & Maintenance

Charging station installation  (including High Power Charging stations) and maintenance with qualified, nationwide service technicians enabling the rapid depolyment of charging stations with reduced installation cost and construction times, as well as the reliable maintenance of EV charging networks.

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Remote Monitoring & Operations

Remote monitoring of the charging network ensures a swift response to alerts or deviations, and avoids costly downtime of the chargers. Remote monitoring helps avoid loss of revenue from downtime of chargers and improves brand reputation through reliability of the charging network. 



Caverion SmartView

A well organised and user-friendly customer portal for preventive and planned maintenance offers fully transparent and real-time reporting system for each charger within the EV charging network. Service visits are logged and clearly documented within Caverion SmartView, where analytics provid valuable data for investment decisions and planning.



Essential to Success: Reliability & Dependability

EV charging infrastructure is an important part of emergency and safety infrastructure; as transportation electrifies, reliability and dependability of charging networks becomes increasingly important; a faulty charger en route to a hospital is unnacceptable, and no business owner can allow dangerous or broken equipment on their premises. The highest commitment to reliability and swift response to a CPO's (Charge Point Operator's) needs is essential in the operation and maintenance of an electric vehicle charging network.