Smart schools increase wellbeing and learning

Children learn best in safe and inspiring learning environments. With long-term thinking and smart investments, we can provide outstanding conditions for children today and generations to come. Studies have shown a clear link between indoor air and learning results: increasing ventilation rates in classrooms can improve children’s test results by up to 5% and increase daily attendance by up 2.5%, proving that smart schools are also smart investments!


The ABCs to improve a school's performance:

AV systems


Modern AV Systems

Audio Visual systems for education enable teachers to display information in a clear and interactive way. Smart AV tools enrich remote as well as in-person learning, integrated with e.g. sound, light, and video productions and presentations. 



Caverion SmartView

With Caverion SmartView, teachers and school managers can easily see the indoor conditions of each classroom (e.g. temperature, CO2 levels) and can make adjustments to create the ideal classroom conditions. 



Improved Ventilation

Indoor air quality significantly impacts cognitive function: people perform better in green buildings with improved ventilation. Proper ventilation and air conditioning helps prevent the spread of disease and particles, creating healthier learing environments. 


Lifecycle management of schools and other public buildings

A Public Private Partnership (or PPP) is a long-term contract between a service provider like Caverion and a government agency. In this model, we take care of the building throughout its entire lifecycle: we take on the facility management and maintenance, ensuring the systems are performing as planned and the occupants always know who to turn to.

Benefits of PPP & lifecycle contracts:

  • Caverion guarantees the functionality of the property for up to 25 years.
  • We take responsibility of maintenance and ensure there is no accumulated maintenance debt.
  • We plan, implement, and maintain all building technologies ensuring smooth operations throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • We carry the risk so our partners are aware of all anticipated costs for the next 25 years.


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