Efficient maintenance provides peace of mind

Maintenance services are key to maintaining the value of your property and keeping production running at your industrial site. With a competent maintenance partner, you can operate well-functioning, sustainable and safe properties and industrial sites that maintain their value for years.

Keep business and production running with preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance means proactively repairing and replacing technologies when they are at the end of their lifecycle or they show signs of breaking. Preventive maintenance reduces downtime caused by equipment failures, so business and production continuity are secured.

We will continuously develop the performance of your property to create the best possible conditions, to minimise energy consumption and carbon footprint, and to ensure safe, uninterrupted operations.

Why Caverion?

  • Well-functioning, sustainable and safe properties
  • Predictable and transparent maintenance costs 
  • Overview, benchmarking and reduction of energy consumption
  • Compliancy with regulations
  • Low failure rate with preventative maintenance
  • Efficiency and your peace of mind (time, cost, resourcing)

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