The predictive maintenance solution powered by Advanced machine learning

Caverion offers intelligence machine-learning predictive maintenance solution for industrial…

Caverion offers intelligence machine-learning predictive maintenance solution for industrial environments.

Founded on our deep industrial O&M expertise – and designed using algorithms that have been developed for more than 20 years – the solution detects anomalies in industrial processes long before they affect your business.


IoT and artificial intelligence enable predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance requires combining machine-learning analytics and IoT solutions. IoT sensors collect data from production and equipment that AI continuously analyzes. The combination enables close visibility into the plant's production processes. Even the slightest disruptions in the process can be detected and the causes of the disturbances can be proactively corrected. In addition to maintenance, the same data can be used to optimise production.

Smart sensors measure actual condition 24/7

IoTFlex smart sensors measure the true condition of the machine. We predict the occurrence of possible defects through real-time analytics.

IoTFlex forecasts can be easily customized based on the way the machine is run. You can use the system for various measurement needs, such as air particle measurements, vibrations, escort heating, electric motor fitness measurements and oil analyses.

When you acquire IoTFlex, you will receive:

  • Smart sensors installed
  • Remote control device with mobile interface
  • Accurate analytics with Caverion's measurement and analysis application
  • Caverion specialist expertise.

Caverion Intelligence Anomaly Detection detects process anomalities

Our advanced AI-based analytics service predetermins disruptions that threaten industrial processes. It helps you secure production and minimize unusability costs, as warnings about process deviations are produced in real time. Machine-learning algorithms are designed to process large masses of data in industry and can process thousands of measuring points even at the millisecond level.

Caverion Intelligence utilizes existing process data from the facility. Machine learning models are automatically trained. While the service is being used, the models are constantly revised based on user feedback. Caverion Intelligence is a service designed for industrial processes that is actively used in numerous different types of production facilities in Finland and the Nordic countries.

How do you benefit from Caverion Intelligence?

  • 30-50% fewer unplanned outages
  • Maintenance is enhanced when operations are directed to pre-planned maintenance times
  • The life cycle of the plant and equipment is extended when the work is carried out before the breakage
  • The current process data will be utilised
  • Deviations from equipment failures and process failures are detected well in advance
  • New types of disturbances are detected already when they occur for the first time.

Key features

  • Browser-based interface for handling warnings
  • Regular follow-up meetings with Caverion experts
  • Secure and scalable solution
  • Fast deployment and low commissioning costs, short payback time.

Caverion Intelligence was formerly known as MP INtelligence.

Ask more about IoTFlex and Caverion Intelligence

IoTFlex sensors and Caverion Intelligence analytics have been developed based on our long expertise in industrial processes. Because we manage the operation and maintenance of plants and factories on behalf of our customers, we can say what works in real life – and what doesn't. Contact us to see together how digital solutions could make your production more efficient.

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