Orion: technical maintenance to support high reliability and advanced machine learning to detect early signs of abnormal situations in the process


200 000m2

Size of the properties to be maintained


The pharmaceutical industry requires a high level of reliability and maintenance must meet efficiency requirements


Flawlessness and high quality production

We are responsible for the technical maintenance and scheduled maintenance of Orion's properties in Espoo, Turku, Salo and Kuopio. In addition, we are responsible for the workshop operations and preventive maintenance of critical production equipment at Orion's largest production facility in Espoo.


  • A large number of properties that require expertise to maintain.
  • The pharmaceutical industry requires a high level of reliability.
  • The accuracy and quality of production must be excellent.
  • Maintenance must reliably support Orion's efficiency requirements.


  • The service contract covers scheduled building services, building services, minor repairs and modernisation, and building services maintenance. Preventive occupational safety is a key element in all activities.
  • The buildings are also connected to our remote management centre. In addition, the contract includes HVAC on-call service.
  • Our maintenance workshop operates in two shifts, ensuring the continuous and safe operation of production.
  • The performance of preventive maintenance is monitored daily in one of the production morning meetings, where the day's work is prioritised according to the production flow.
  • Project and development services are provided on a bespoke basis according to customer needs.
  • Maintenance is developed using modern methods, including dynamic modelling and AI-based Caverion Intelligence analytics, which detects imminent production failures before other systems in the plant.

Orion Corporation is a Finnish pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets human and veterinary medicines, active pharmaceutical ingredients and diagnostic tests.

Orion has been using Caverion Intelligence Anomaly Detection service in Espoo, Turku and Salo production facilities to help maintenance teams detect any issues before they impact the production. Caverion Intelligence service analyzes large amounts of process data and with advanced machine learning, the service learns how the process works and detects early signs of any abnormal situations. This information is the provided for O&M personnel for analysis and diagnostics to take preventive actions early.


"We have integrated machine learning as a part of our reliability engineering process. The results we have achieved are very encouraging and we are expanding the use of this capability in various parts of our processes. Caverion has been an excellent partner for us on this journey. They have a strong, mature and proven service concept and a very competent team. The service is constantly evolving to meet our evolving needs."

Mikko Laitinen, Reliability Engineering Manager, LSS Black Belt, Orion


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