Kemijoki outsourced the operation and maintenance of its hydropower plants


began in 2014

c. 80 employees
transferred work from Kemijoki Oy to Caverion, in accordance with the agreement

succeeded well and corporate responsibility was emphasised

 Caverion will continue to ensure the high availability and operational reliability of Kemijoki Oy's hydropower plants. In the selection of the operational and maintenance partner, we emphasised ensuring the continuity of hydropower production and expertise. The operational reliability and long-term development of power plants require our partner to have expertise in the special features of hydropower and to commit to training new experts. 

Tuomas Timonen, President and CEO of Kemijoki Oy


  • The availability and reliability of power plants must be maintained at a high level in order to ensure reliable, flexible and renewable hydropower production.
  • In order to develop production and maintenance operations, the hydropower expertise and development of the company and its partners' employees must be taken care of, which is a key part of Kemijoki Oy's corporate responsibility program.
  • In order to improve operational efficiency, new solutions and innovations must be developed.
Kemijoki Oy Petäjäskoski's dam froths
Kemijoki Oy Petäjäskoski from the dam to the river


  • Kemijoki Oy is an expert and customer organization for hydropower production, a significant part of whose operations are procured from service providers.
  • We work closely with Kemijoki Oy in the technical maintenance and upkeep of the Kemi and Lieksanjoki water power plants and in the operation of production systems.
  • We are actively involved in the development of new innovations and solutions that can be used to produce climate-friendly hydropower more efficiently. Maintenance operations will be improved, for example, through digital-based predictive maintenance solutions.
  • We are responsible for the operation and maintenance of Kemijoki Oy's 18 hydropower plants located in the Kemi and Lieksanjoki watersheds.
  • With the extension agreement signed in 2020, Caverion Industria Oy will continue as a partner in the technical maintenance and upkeep of Kemijoki Oy's hydropower plants in the Kemijoki and Lieksanjoki watersheds and in the operation of the production system.
  • In the new operation and maintenance agreement, the development of employees' hydropower skills is key.
  • Kemijoki Oy is Finland's most significant hydropower producer. The company has 20 hydropower plants, of which 16 in the Kemijoki watershed, two in the Lieksanjoki and two in the Kymijoki. In addition, the company regulates the Loka and Porttipahta artificial lakes as well as Kemijärvi and Olkkajärvi.
  • The combined capacity of the power plants is over 1,100MW. In 2020, Kemijoki Oy's hydropower plants generated a total of 4,793 gigawatt hours of electricity, which was about a third of the electricity generated by hydropower in Finland.

Our services for Kemijoki Oy include:

  • Occupational safety responsibilities and safe operating models
  • Standby facilities
  • Carrying out the installation, inspection and monitoring tasks included in the contract
  • Planning, implementation and supervision tasks of separate projects
  • Procurement
  • Institutions' occupational safety liability also applying to external visitors or subcontractors
  • Working with different stakeholders in social communication

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