Industrial maintenance and installation services at Neste's Porvoo refinery


Long cooperation
in Kilpilahti, Finland


Additional resources
for maintenance downtimes

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Occupational safety
is crucial at the refinery


 Neste and Caverion have been collaborating closely for several years. Caverion is well acquainted with Neste's Kilpilahti operations and the refinery’s unique characteristics, as well as our uncompromising approach to safety and efficiency. 

Juha-Matti Väisänen, Development Manager, Porvoo Refinery, Neste



  • Neste's refinery is located in Kilpilahti, Porvoo, the largest centre of chemical industry in the Nordic countries.
  • Production efficiency: major maintenance downtimes and plant shutdowns are big financial investments. To minimise downtimes, flexible and skilled personnel are needed for maintenance work on a tight schedule.
  • Occupational safety: the refinery's high-pressure pipelines and potentially explosive atmospheres require special occupational safety expertise in, for example, welding and electrical automation.


  • We have been Neste's long-term installation and maintenance partner since the refinery was established.
  • We provide skilled additional personnel for downtimes and plant shutdowns. We also manage the maintenance schedules during downtimes so that the valuable time is used as efficiently as possible.
  • The maintenance and installation services we offer include heat exchanger maintenance, piping and steel construction services, pump maintenance, electricity distribution projects, transformer electrification and instrumentation services.
  • Thanks to our long-term cooperation, our staff has accumulated deep experience in the technical systems of the plant and the individual maintenance needs of the equipment, increasing the cost-effectiveness and safety of the operation.

 Caverion's maintenance and installation professionals have been an important resource for us with time- and safety-critical downtimes and maintenance work at the refinery.

Juha-Matti Väisänen, Development Manager, Porvoo Refinery, Neste


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