Occupational safety is at the heart of our partnership with Borealis

Caverion has been the maintenance partner of Borealis in Kilpilahti, Finland for a decade. We handle maintenance and project-related tasks and act as a safety development partner.

Uncompromising safety and flexibility for staffing needs

Borealis is a polyolefin and basic chemicals manufacturer with a plant located in Kilpilahti, the largest oil refining and chemical industry center in the Nordic countries. Borealis' production facilities require many demanding and safety-critical repairs. Therefore, Borealis needs a maintenance partner with a high level of safety expertise and a strong culture of workplace safety.

In addition, the staffing needs at the production facilities vary. For example, the company needs additional personnel for maintenance downtime and various projects. As a local operator, Caverion is able to meet this need and also minimise the impact of staff turnover on safety.

Tailor-made solutions for Borealis

We perform daily pipe and welding work for Borealis as part of the mechanical maintenance of the chemical piping. Our welders have extensive permits to carry out installation work regulated by the authorities. They are also familiar with the operating environment in Kilpilahti, which increases safety and efficiency.

We also handle electrical maintenance, electrical automation and instrumentation tasks at the facility. During our partnership, we have also developed valve diagnostics and maintenance services tailored to the specific needs of Borealis.

In addition to maintenance and installation work, we are Borealis' security development partner. We actively participate in safety rounds and in the investigation and prevention of incidents and accidents.

The partnership employs approximately 70 Caverion employees on a permanent basis, and the Borealis plant also regularly employs additional project staff.

The partnership guarantees continuous development

“Taking care of personal and process safety is paramount at Borealis. Thanks to our partnership, we are able to develop our safety measures in the long term,” says Jouko Mäkelä, Plant Service Manager at Borealis.

In 2020, Borealis granted Caverion's unit manager Kari Viita an award for his work on improving safety at the plant. Viita, who sits on Borealis’ safety committee, supports the development of a safety culture at Borealis' production facilities.

The long-lasting partnership also guarantees flexibility when it comes to staffing. Caverion has its own service centre in Kilpilahti. We are able to provide skilled personnel who are already familiar with the Kilpilahti and Borealis plants for downtime work or other work that requires additional resources.

“One of the great benefits of our partnership is the continuity. Caverion is a local player so the turnover of personnel stays low, and the same people work here almost every day. This increases the occupational safety of our plant,” says Mäkelä.


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