Telematics systems increase road safety and prevent congestion


Recent improvements in road safety in the European Union have made EU’s roads the safest in the world. A large part of the improvements can be accredited to telematics. Modern traffic control and safety systems. These systems support the control and monitoring of the road infrastructure.

For example, asphalt sensors and traffic monitoring cameras can compile real-time information about road utilisation and convey the information to traffic authorities as congestion accumulates. Or as the road temperature starts to approach the freezing point, salt trucks can be dispatched before black ice starts forming.

Telematics for real time traffic control and improved road user experience

Telematics-based traffic management and safety systems improve the response readiness for accidents and special conditions and make traffic flow and control smoother.

For transport authorities, telematics provide information on the use and condition of the road, weather conditions, disturbances and accidents. The collected data can be utilised in real-time monitoring and control, such as accident and congestion reports and detour guidance. Telematics also provide up-to-date information on the maintenance needs of the road network.

Road safety systems reduce accidents

Sustainable outdoor lighting control solutions

Your choice of lighting system has a significant impact on the environment. Always-on lighting solutions should be replaced with smart solutions that consider the financial, environmental and user aspects simultaneously.

The variety of outdoor lighting control solutions has increased rapidly and the control options have become more versatile and energy-efficient. Caverion provides the latest technology for street, road and outdoor lightning.

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Benefits of a modern smart parking system

  • Clear guidance to users: signs, ultrasonic sensors, number of available and reserved parking spots
  • User interface for easy management: history data, spot reservations, top locations, parking time monitoring
  • Integration into the building automation system automated lighting and ventilation control according to utilisation rate.

Turnkey telematics and road safety services throughout Europe

We plan and implement versatile traffic control and parking systems as well as telematics for roads, tunnels and various parking spaces in many European countries. We can help every step of the way: in project design, implementation and programming on a turnkey basis.

  • HVAC and electrical work in road tunnels, sprinkler solutions, smoke extraction and air quality measurements in tunnels, telematics advisory services
  • Total delivery from design to deployment
  • Managed lifecycle services
  • Technical maintenance

Seamless cooperation with various partners and our own development projects ensure that we are at the forefront of development in the design and implementation of modern traffic control and parking systems.

Telematics expertise from the largest and most demanding road projects.jpg

Telematics expertise from the largest and most demanding road projects

An example of our telematics and automation projects is Kehä I (Ring I) and Mestarintunneli (tunnel) in the Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland. Kehä I is the busiest highway in Finland and a major traffic hub with 80,000–85,000 cars using the road daily. Mestarintunneli is a 530-metre long tunnel that consists of two four-lane parallel tunnels, which are connected by security tunnels.

Another example of our telematics expertise will be a renovation project in Austria where building contractor and infrastructure operator ASFINAG has chosen Caverion to renovate the south expressway S1 between Vösendorf and Schwechat in Vienna.

The project includes the modernisation of the electrical system of two tunnels, tunnel Vösendorf with approximately 880 meters and tunnel Rannersdorf with approximately 1,880 meters length, several shorter tunnels (Hennersdorf, Rustenfeld, Schwechat), underpasses and twelve pumping stations. In addition, we will modernise the remote center for the tunnel monitoring.

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