eMobility services ensure the uptime of your electric vehicle charging equipment and network.

With quality installation, maintenance, and remote monitoring of electric vehicle charging stations.


Installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure 

With the rapid uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) by individuals as well as company fleets, the demand for reliable EV charging infrastructure has never been higher. In fact, electric vehicle charging alternatives are already an integral part of the modern employee and customer experience. You may have many reasons to choose to invest in EV charging solutions, such as: 

As more people switch to electric vehicles, offering EV charging can attract customers who need to charge their vehicles while working, shopping, or running errands. Providing charging options can encourage customers to spend more time at your business, leading to increased revenue. These days, the possibility to charge at work is also a prerequisite for building tenants seeking modern workspaces and facilities. 

Investing in EV charging solutions helps you achieve their sustainability targets as well as demonstrate your commitment to corporate responsibility and reducing carbon emissions. This can enhance your business's reputation and increase customer loyalty.

Governments often offer incentives and rebates to businesses that invest in EV charging infrastructure. Taking advantage of these programs can help offset the initial investments such as the cost of installation, especially in older buildings requiring retrofitting and/or upgrades to the electric cabling or grid connection. 

As governments work to reduce carbon emissions in all sectors, they are implementing new policies and regulations that require businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Investing in EV charging solutions can help you comply with these regulations which described in the EPBD. For example, introducing minimum requirements for car parks over a certain size, and other minimum infrastructure for eMobility. 

Process flow:

  • Our service offering is always nationwide, and we are able to offer cross-border service delivery for international customers as well
  • We map the requirements for the type and number of electric vehicle charging points as well as related service management needs (e.g. end-user payment, etc)
  • We perform a site visit, during which we explain how your electric vehicle charging solution can be implemented in a cost-effective and safe way, and we propose the best location for the charging solution
  • We evaluate the current load of your electricity connection, which helps us determine the amount of charging power that your current connection will allow. We also propose any upgrades or improvements that could be senible to carry out at the same time
  • You receive a proposal based on the total cost of ownership, tailored to your needs
  • Our charging stations are always delivered in accordance with current standards and good installation practice
  • If required, we will also carry out a site visit to determine your property's readiness for the installation of a charging station
  • Installation includes the equipment and any associated earthworks on a turnkey basis
  • We will set up the management service and provide guidance and training on how to use the service
  • Our trained installers guarantee a high quality finish
  • Installation records, i.e. commissioning and certification inspection records, are digitally recorded
  • We are capable of offering full maintenance needs for our customers, including warantee repairs
  • Our SLAs even enable 24-hour fault repair service every day of the year
  • We have a nationwide network of installers, fast response time and on-site services with priority fault repair through our remote management service
  • End-user interfaces such as charging station availability and billing services
  • Customer interfaces with real-time information on the project and/or charger status

How this works in practice:

Turnkey solution for EV charging

Remote monitoring for EV charging networks


Solutions for businesses:

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