Data Visualisation by Caverion SmartView enables you to see building performance data in one portal


Improve your building performance

See an overview of your building data in a single platform. Log in with desktop or tablet and see visualised data on customisable dashboard. Follow the performance of your buildings to optimise the conditions and reduce costs.


Easy building management

Access BMS and IoT data from a single platform. Increase predictability and transparency of building performance.

Improved business results

Decrease energy consumption and optimise building utilisation rates through data-based insights.

Boost building users’ well-being

Improve indoor climate and workplace conditions. Employees can view available meeting rooms and work stations.


Powerful features help to ensure building efficiency

Platform with all the essential features you need to manage your facilities. Caverion SmartView is always running and provides real-time information for your needs.

Service Orders.jpg

Service orders

See if your property maintenance activities are managed properly. You have visibility to all maintenance tasks and their status.

Condition monitoring.jpg

Condition monitoring

See building condition data in a single view - indoor temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and TVOC. Possibility to deep dive into the data.

Floor conditions.png

Floor conditions

See available meeting rooms and working stations and optimise your space utilisation. Get floor-specific information of indoor climate conditions.

Remote Center.jpg

Remote center

See what inspections have been done, read observations of remote center inspections and see the prioritised status of remote center alarms

Energy module.jpg

Building status

Easily see if the building technology is running as it should. Monitor cooling, heating, ventilation and outdoor temperature.

Energy module.jpg

Energy module

Your customised visual dashboard shows essential energy KPIs at one glance. Available for single building or portfolio level.



Find all building equipment documents in one place. Manage documentation and administrative tasks efficiently.

Performance indicators (KPIs).jpg

Performance indicators (KPIs)

View different Performance Indicators to observe the current status of the property. Customise KPIs based on your needs.


Facility manager

  • Increasing predictability, transparency and ease of building management
  • Optimising building's conditions per room or area based on the provided data
  • Ensuring control and comfort in daily work

Facility owner

  • Improving business results by bringing control and efficiency to daily work
  • Improving building and portfolio performance, for example, by reducing energy consumption
  • Optimising utilisation by analysing use of building, area, or room from accurate data

Building user

  • Enjoying comfortable conditions
  • Viewing available meeting rooms or work stations

How can technology be leveraged in facility management?

How can facility management take advantage of technology to improve business results, generate cost savings, improve building conditions and make employees more satisfied? Contact us and we will tell you more about Caverion SmartView's possibilities.


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