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Controlling your building has never been easier

Caverion SmartView is a digital platform that brings together all the data available from your building(s), so you always know exactly what's going on in your building. You can control your building technology through a single platform, with all the important data and information available to you in clear, customisable dashboards. You can easily make changes to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your building and equipment, as well as monitor and report on your sustainability targets and emissions.

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SmartView Maintenance is a solution for streamlined and optimized maintenance operations. Simplify the management of service orders, planned maintenances, deviations, long-term planning, and checklists.

The service module allows for the easy creation of service orders and requests, improving communication and task management.

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By incorporating SmartView Energy into your operations, you gain a powerful tool for managing and optimizing energy consumption.

We offer comprehensive energy advisory services for all your needs!

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SmartView Conditions is a product for you to effectively monitor and manage sensor data, regardless of the sensor type or supplier. 

By providing insights into environmental conditions, enabling data analysis, and facilitating data export, SmartView Conditions supports informed decision-making and provides you with up-to-date conditions information.

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Insights and information from your BMS (building management system), as well as any system you want integrated into Caverion SmartView. 

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We offer remove services and monitoring of building and assets, including:

  • Energy management and optimisation
  • Alarm handling from any system
  • Advisory services for technical systems and conditions

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SmartView Sustainability calculates emissions based on data gathered from the building’s BMS, as well as other sources. 

The information in a meaningful way, aggregated into easily understandable dashboards with the possibility to drill-down deeper into each of the data points.

  • CSRD-ready

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Caverion SmartView benefits all users



Predictability, transparency, ease of management

Optimising conditions per room or area 

Control and comfort in daily operations


Control and efficiency at work

Improved building and portfolio performance with reduced energy consumption

Optimised space utilisation with accurate area and room data


Safe and comfortable indoor conditions

View and find available meeting rooms or work stations

Modern building services


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