Remote Services: cost-efficient controlling and monitoring of your buildings

over 90%
of alarms
can be handled remotely

reduction of on-call technical
maintenance costs

over 10,000 properties
digitally monitored


Improve cost-efficiency and response times with remote monitoring and control

Did you know that over 90% of building management system alarms do not require an onsite visit? At the same time, leaving the alarms unchecked can lead to serious damages. This discrepancy can be solved with a remote centre connection.

Remote Centre Services benefit your smart building in many ways:

  1. React fast and adjust technical systems instantly.
  2. Adjust settings optimally for indoor climate and security.
  3. Scalable to fit your needs and amount of properties
  4. Efficient alarm reporting and benchmarking of buildings
  5. Detect, analyse and solve alarms remotely
  6. Save up to 60% in maintenance costs and reduce energy costs
  7. Find optimal settings by benchmarking against thousands of buildings monitored by Caverion.

Reduce your property’s operating costs with Caverion Remote Services and digital solutions

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With remote services, you can save significant amount of money by reducing costly on-site visits. In addition, we can remotely set up the property to operate energy efficiently, monitor its operations and handle many other situations without delay.

The remote centre operates thousands of properties and provides expert services in tight cooperation with, for example, energy advisory experts. This way, any abnormalities and energy efficient improvements only seen through long term monitoring, can be highlighted.

With remote monitoring and control, you can instantly react to any anomalies in building performance. In most cases, the issues can also be solved remotely. You can achieve cost-savings, reduce the risks of equipment failures and maintain optimal conditions. The remote team also supports you in all building technology issues, regardless of the equipment or automation manufacturer.

Caverion SmartView is a platform for reporting and visualising key information about your properties. You can remotely view the real-time performance of your properties and gather historic data to support investment decisions. The up-to-date information provided by Caverion SmartView helps you to improve end-user satisfaction, maintain cost-efficient and modern facilities, and reduce your properties’ carbon footprint.

Secure your refrigeration systems with a unique, global remote centre

Caverion Remote Services can also monitor and control refrigeration, including temperature control, alarm management and energy efficiency. This helps ensure that your goods and people enjoy optimal conditions 24/7 while reducing your energy costs.

The smart iTOP refrigeration automation system used in our refrigeration and heat production solutions makes the same data available to you, the service technician as well as the remote centre experts. Using iTOP, our experts can determine exactly what is happening on the site, and what has happened before the fault situation.

Knowing that your building is remotely managed and controlled by experts 24/7 gives you the peace of mind you need to focus purely on your business tasks.


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