Modern Audio Visual (AV) Systems and presentation technology for companies and educational institutions

Today’s offices are equipped with displays, audio equipment, microphones, cameras and conference…

Today’s offices are equipped with displays, audio equipment, microphones, cameras and conference communications systems. To meet the demands of modern working life, all of these audio visual (AV) systems need to be easy-to-use and versatile.


AV systems support remote work – the new normal

In 2020, the majority of traditional meeting rooms were suddenly left vacant as remote work almost instantly became a global standard after the Covid-19 pandemic started. Aside from reducing the health risks, remote meetings have proven to be efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Have you ever wasted time trying to turn on a monitor or where to find a suitable cable? To get the most out of remote meetings, the AV systems need to be easy-to-use and intuitive. When you invest in professional installations and compatible components, users can go straight to the point.

Presentation technology&as a service is a simple and versatile solution

All modern companies need presentation technology. Procure presentation technology as a service and you do not have to worry about maintenance, updates or system upgrades yourself. You can simply rely on high-quality and easy-to-connect video conferencing systems that are always ready to use.

We can also integrate the AV systems with your Building Management System. This way the data from all your AV systems, such as utilisation rates, becomes part of the analytics that steers the strategic management of the building.

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Keep your options open with Caverion’s Audio Visual systems

We design and implement solutions that are user-centric, so that they serve the individual needs of your organisation. We help you to make the right choices with our ready-made, modular AV-as-a-service packages. We manage the operation of the entire system throughout its lifecycle, which makes future expenses predictable. As there is no need to invest on the AV systems and equipment, the investments can be directed to the core business functions.

As lifecycle building experts, our AV solutions easily integrate with other building technology. This gives you all the flexibility to adjust the use cases to your requirements.

Modern AV systems make your property more versatile

Audio visual solutions that enable smooth remote learning
Solutions that let users view recorded or real-time content on almost any device. The content can be monitored, for example, in another lecture hall with equipment connected to the presentation system. Enables the creation of hybrid spaces for different kinds of lectures and events.

Business meeting solutions for easy content sharing
Easy to use solutions for connecting your device to presentation platforms and devices for sharing content. Connect meeting attendees with unified communications through different remote meeting systems, for example Teams, Zoom or Webex.

Simplify meetings with conference system solutions
A flexible and easy-to-use discussion platform helps everyone to get their voice heard. An ideal microphone system is simple and reliable, and fits in naturally to your meeting policies.

Information systems that ease your nationwide communications
Information systems can consist of individual screens or a large network of screens covering the whole country, managed centrally from one place. Screens can be connected to the meeting room reservation system to automatically show in the conference centre or lobby, which rooms are reserved and to whom.

Your control room information collected to one screen
Control rooms are often needed in security-, operator-, energy- and building services, where the status of the systems needs to be monitored in real time. We can help you build the presentation technology in your control room to display information from multiple systems together. We can also help you to transfer images from different sources to multiple workstations – as is often the case in operating room systems and hospital imaging systems.

Public address and emergency public address systems
Audio systems in public spaces are much more than a crackling background radio in a shopping mall or a morning announcement in a school. An audio system that complies with the European EN54 standards guarantees clear, high-quality and comfortable sound, and work as part of your property’s evacuation system.

Get in touch and let us design an AV system that simplifies collaboration in your organisation.

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