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21.12.2020 Investor news

Caverion expands its partnership with Technopolis in the Nordic countries

Technopolis has selected Caverion to continue as its partner responsible for the technical maintenance of its campuses in Finland, Sweden and Norway. In the future, Caverion will have responsibility for a total of eight Technopolis campuses, the newest of which located in the Tampere region in Finland. In addition to technical and maintenance services, the collaboration has also extended to large investment projects. Caverion delivers, for example, a new building automation system for the Oslo campus.


The collaboration between Technopolis and Caverion has developed in an excellent way. In the past two years, Caverion and Technopolis have together succeeded in optimising energy efficiency on the campuses and achieved significant annual savings in energy consumption. With a customer-oriented service model, the satisfaction of Technopolis' customers has developed in a positive way, for example, the satisfaction with indoor air conditions has improved on all campuses.

"We at Technopolis require that our partners have excellent customer service and strong professional skills. Our partners must also have a strong understanding of our business operations and of the needs of our customers. Our collaboration with Caverion has developed to the level of partnership. Together, we have succeeded in enhancing the satisfaction of our customers, in improving and optimising the conditions and in creating uniform operating practices across the borders of the Nordic countries," says Ismo Myllymäki, Head of the Property Management, Technopolis.

Caverion's comprehensive service agreement includes technical maintenance, energy monitoring, and remote monitoring services. In addition, Caverion acts as a strategic partner in projects relating to the utilisation of smart technologies. The installation of a new building automation system started at the Technopolis Oslo campus in October 2020 and is an example of the development of the partnership.

"The end users' experience is essential – Technopolis and Caverion share the same view about this. We have achieved great results, both in energy efficiency and in the satisfaction of the campus customers," says Thomas Hietto, Deputy CEO and Head of Caverion's Business Unit Services and continues: "The current year has been exceptional for everyone, and the way buildings are used has changed – next year, we will see better which of the trends will live on and how buildings of the future can even better serve their users and achieving carbon neutrality".


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