Reliable Lifecycle Management


Are your properties managed, operated and maintained with long-term value in mind? To maximise long-term value, design, construction, maintenance and modernisation should all be viewed from a lifecycle perspective. Finding synergies between these phases can save you up to 30% in total cost of ownership.

Lifecycle management focuses on avoiding major damages with continuous, preventive maintenance. This approach improves reliability and transparency as unexpected downtime and costs are reduced. By leaving the building management to an expert partner you can concentrate on your core business.

Smart building management saves money and improves user experience

Caverion takes full management responsibility for the planning, construction and maintenance of your properties and their building services and systems. We guarantee the reliable functionality, high energy efficiency and healthy indoor climate of the property for the entire contract period, up to 25 years. A single point of contact handles all your building concerns, needs and reports.

We have decades of experience in designing, implementing and maintaining properties. We use smart technology and digital solutions to continuously optimise building performance. This keeps the facilities functioning optimally while preserving, or even increasing, their value.

Building users are at the heart of our lifecycle management. We ensure that the customer experience is enhanced by smart services, optimal indoor climate and user-centric environment.

Visibility enables long-term forecasts

Planning the lifecycle of a building at the beginning of a building project provides visibility into the future operating costs of the property. Accurate estimates enable you to plan your long-term property management, instead of having to react to sudden maintenance and investment needs.

Public – Private Partnership makes long-term costs visible

Financing your building project using a Public–Private Partnership (PPP) contract model lowers your risks and enables you to focus on your organisation’s core tasks. Caverion is a reliable and experienced partner that offers PPP with industry-leading capabilities. We deliver all the essential parts from design to the management of conditions and availability according to your requirements. We have a proven track record in executing PPP projects in various customer segments from healthcare to education.


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