Marine Industry

Caverion has performed ship design, installations, and maintenance for over 30 years. We have delivered our services to a broad range of clients and worked on many kinds of vessel types.

Caverion has contributed to the construction of hundreds of ships in Finland and Denmark, from luxury cruise ships to highly advanced container ships and navy vessels. Project experience includes also various Ro-Ro vessels, ferries, tugboats, tankers, bulkers, icebreakers, as well as coastguard, research vessels, and offshore supply vessels.

We help ship-owners, ship-management companies, yards, and harbours to find the best solutions for technical investments, installations and maintenance. In all our projects, focus is on high quality of work and materials as well as safety and on-time deliveries.

Our comprehensives service offering helps you to achieve

  • Optimal design of electrical and piping systems for new building projects
  • Single point of contact for project management, logistics, and installation ensuring project efficiency. Prefabrication of components and optimised material flows reduces lead-times and installation work at site and warrants on-time delivery and good quality of work
  • Reduced pollution and energy consumption of marine vessels via advanced solutions like shore-to-ship, variable frequency drives on motors, and sensor technology
  • Less coordination and reduced costs by combining technical maintenance jobs across different OEM (original equipment manufacturer) technologies
  • Services delivered at yard, berth, or when the vessel is in operation
  • Efficient sourcing with the help of our own product catalogue with more than 2,500 marine articles and, in addition, our highly experienced marine technicians source special articles.

Worldwide service

Our marine expertise ranges from new buildings and large modifications jobs to ongoing maintenance of existing installations in areas of electrical systems and piping prefabricates from our own workshops. Our capable resources can take care of both smaller service jobs and comprehensive project deliveries worldwide. We have highly skilled service engineers, which are working daily in marine and offshore environments, where safety and uptime are critical factors.

Caverion has close collaboration with leading technology providers for the maritime industry, which enables us to deliver the optimal turn-key solution for our clients.

Examples of our services to Marine & Offshore

  • Shore power reducing noise and air pollution emissions from ships at port: We have delivered several turn-key shore-to-ship power solutions to leading ship-owners in the marine industry.
  • Fast global response, including early damage assessment, for vessel repairs due to fire or water damages.
  • Technology for reduced fuel consumption and emissions: Projects can include flowmeters, automatic valves, sensors for temperature, pressure, torsion, and CO2 as well as VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives).
  • Preventative maintenance aimed to avoid or mitigate the consequences of equipment failures.