Reduce the energy costs and emissions of your properties with solar power panels

Investors, tenants, building users and regulators are increasingly demanding more sustainable buildings. A fast way to reduce CO2 emissions is to turn to renewable energy sources, such as solar power.


Get green electricity and shift towards a self-sufficient and sustainable building

Solar panels enable you to generate your own electricity. While they require an investment, solar panels reduce the amount of energy purchased from the grid, your overall energy costs and carbon footprint. You can even generate profit by selling your excess energy back to the grid.

How to get started with solar power: a modular solution for your property

Our experts will guide you in finding the optimal setup for your properties. This includes sizing the solar power solutions to your specific needs, taking into consideration the lifecycle cost efficiency of the system.

We will also determine the recommended integrations with other elements, such as the Building Management System, remote services and grid integration with demand response.

Solar panels benefit sites of all sizes, and their use cases range from public buildings and business premises to agriculture. They can be flexibly installed on roof areas, walls, or even on carports. Photovoltaic electricity is particularly efficient on large sites, such as industrial plants that are able to accommodate large solar systems and have significant electricity usage

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Get your energy savings potential analysed

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