CO2 Refrigeration revolutionises the sustainability of your property’s cooling

Refrigeration plays a massive role in the energy consumption of buildings. For example, in…

Refrigeration plays a massive role in the energy consumption of buildings. For example, in supermarkets it can account for up to 50% of the total energy use.


Move away from conventional, environmentally harmful refrigerants

Besides energy expenditure, refrigeration can also have a damaging impact on emissions. For example, releasing 1 kilogram of conventional refrigerant R404 to the air is equivalent to releasing 4000 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

That is why the EU’s F-gas regulation is already limiting the use of these conventional refrigerants and will completely ban them by 2030.

Sustainable refrigeration uses CO2 as refrigerant. Using carbon dioxide as refrigerant limits the environmental impact and drastically reduces the energy consumption of your building. Besides being an effective and sustainable refrigerant, CO2 refrigeration also produces heat that can be used for example in heating the building.

Choose smart CO2 refrigeration to increase safety and energy efficiency

Investments into modernizing your refrigeration will help you meet your business and sustainability goals. We can provide you with environmentally friendly, cost-efficient and scalable refrigeration solutions.

Manage both cooling and heating with the Caverion Energy Centre

The Caverion Energy Centre uses environmentally friendly and sustainable refrigerants like CO2. It is a holistic solution for both cooling and heating a property with the minimum amount of electric power.

The Caverion Energy Centre enables a building to be self-sustained in terms of energy – district heating is not needed anymore. Alternatively, the Energy Centre can feed the excess heat generated by the system to the district heating network.


Automate the control of your refrigeration with Caverion iTOP

The refrigeration automation solution is an integral part of the Caverion Energy Centre. The solution is connected to the Caverion Building Management System and reduces your operating costs by constantly optimising the Energy Centre’s performance.

The predictive analytics saves you money on maintenance by minimising costly ad hoc repairs. Our unique 24/7 Service Centre supports you in handling any refrigeration related alarms cost-efficiently.


The key benefits of switching to sustainable CO2 refrigeration:

  • significantly improved energy efficiency resulting to lower operational costs
  • savings on maintenance thanks to predictive analytics
  • positive impact on your sustainability targets
  • compliance with current and future legislation

Now is the time to make decisions towards a carbon free society. Get in touch and we will help you dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your refrigeration.


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