Building Information Modelling (BIM) for full transparency in your building project

Increase efficiency with a digital copy of your building

The security and sustainability of your investment and your building project all starts with the…

The security and sustainability of your investment and your building project all starts with the right planning. Modern documentation replaces folders, papers and charts with a digital copy of the entire building and all of its technology.

What is Building Information Modelling and why do you need it?

In large building projects, dozens of suppliers work simultaneously on constantly changing and interdependent project plans. This easily leads to misalignment, dissatisfaction, delays in execution and possibly even cost explosions. You can prevent this from happening to your project by using Building Information Modelling (BIM). Building Information Modelling is a combination of software and 3D modelling that provides a digital model of your building with all the physical and functional characteristics.

BIM gives you a real-time visual interpretation of the building, which you can use to run simulations, enhance communication and recognise potential clashes in advance.

How do you benefit from BIM in a new building project?

  • better collaboration and communication reduces costs and mitigates risks
  • improved and more reliable delivery scheduling
  • transparent cost estimations
  • accurate project visualisation prior to construction
  • safer construction sites
  • accurate documentation for efficient building maintenance and future remodeling

BIM forms a reliable basis for decisions

BIM gives the building and all the technology inside a clear visual representation. This is beneficial both during the actual building project and the future operations of the building. For example, the maintenance team can easily see where the technical equipment is. The improved documentation saves time and greatly reduces the risk of errors in maintenance.

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