Smart Technical Maintenance optimises the value of your property

Efficiency and user experience peak when all the building technologies are functioning correctly…

Efficiency and user experience peak when all the building technologies are functioning correctly together and digital smart services are supporting a user-centric environment. To enable such an elevated status quo, your building needs a data-driven and proactive maintenance plan.


Enjoy the peace of mind of smart building maintenance

When a building’s operating environment is functioning correctly, it increases productivity and end user comfort. Business continuity is ensured with smart solutions providing high predictability and security of operations.

Smart building maintenance is proactive, predictable and holistic and for you it means:

  • Letting the end users focus on their core business activities
  • Helping in predicting and reducing operational costs, and improves scheduled maintenance
  • Minimising the need for expensive shutdowns

Sustainability and cost savings through remote monitoring and automated processes

With modern automation and remote management technology, you can achieve dramatic improvements in building and process energy efficiency as well as in cost and quality control. Your technical facility management will become cost-efficient, flexible and transparent. Your building users will benefit from optimal indoor conditions, which have been proven to significantly improve well-being and productivity.

our building will be connected to the Caverion Remote Centre, where operators solve your building’s problems remotely. When your property is connected to our Remote Centre, our experts will not only handle possible faults remotely, but they also evaluate things which could be fixed already preventatively.

You can greatly benefit of our in-depth expertise in analysing and utilising data from various sources.

Tailored technical upgrades maintain the value your facility

The lifecycle maintenance of your property guarantees that the value of your property remains high, it is safe and energy efficient. We are proactively recommending tailored upgrades and modernisations in accordance with new requirements, latest technological developments and upcoming new regulations.

We help you to find the optimal technologies and solutions for your needs from a wide array of options. By ensuring that all regulations are followed we also reduce your risk. From us you receive the maintenance service with profound expertise available through modular contract and service models.

Technical Maintenance is the overall foundation for the delivery of our lifecycle solutions in a sustainable way.


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