The solutions and services behind smart buildings


Smart Cities connect buildings, users and infrastructure – such as the energy grid – to become sustainable, user-friendly environments. The smart buildings of a Smart City must have the flexibility to adapt to changing user needs and environments. To make the building both user-friendly and sustainable, the building technology and digital solutions must work seamlessly together. 

Explore the solutions driving smart buildings

To enjoy the benefits that smart buildings can offer, your building technology needs to be up to date with key smart solutions. This includes many systems that are essential to user experience and energy efficiency:

Analytics services support your decision-making

Feeding off the smart solutions, the integrated analytics services improve building operations and end-user experience. They collect and analyse data and transform it into actionable decision support:

Get to zero CO2 emissions by combining smart solutions and analytics services

Through the use of data and artificial intelligence, buildings can automatically adjust according to the needs of e.g. the energy grid and demand response, helping to operate both the building and the grid work more efficiently. This, combined with intelligent sustainable refrigeration and heat production, is the key in optimising a property’s internal operations towards zero emissions.

Improve the user-experience of your buildings

Smart solutions and analytics services also offer significant user benefits. Location awareness within the building helps, for example, in finding and reserving an empty desk or meeting room, locating a colleague or going for lunch when there is no line at the cafeteria. Lighting, indoor air quality, temperature and acoustics have a direct effect on productivity and satisfaction levels.

Smart Parking is another example of how physical components and digital technologies benefit users, property owners and the environment.

A world-leading smart technology partner

Caverion has vast experience in both the smart solutions and analytics services required to make your building smart. We can help you take your buildings’ user experience and efficiency to the next level.


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