Electric substations, power transmission and distribution systems

Optimal generation and distribution of electricity save resources, money and reduce emissions.…

Optimal generation and distribution of electricity save resources, money and reduce emissions. Professional installation and testing ensure that your electric transmission, electric distribution systems and electric substations work reliably and efficiently.

Services for power transmission, distribution systems and substations

Are you planning on modernising an existing power transmission and distribution system or building a completely new substation? We handle the project from design to commissioning and both partial delivery to EPC project (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).

We provide all installations for power distribution networks, from small modifications, retrofits and new installations to comprehensive substation and switchgear projects. We provide all devices and deliver both air- and gas-insulated substations between 1 and 400 kilovolts.

We help you with the following electrical distribution system services:

  • Electric substations for main, wide area and distribution grids
  • Power distribution systems for industry and wind farms
  • High voltage cabling up to 110 kV
  • Compensation systems for electrical faults and reactive power
  • Switchgear renovation
  • Protection and automation modernisation
  • Commissioning and testing
  • Electric substation automation
  • Power line design, construction and maintenance

We provide complete substation projects from beginning to commissioning:

  • Design & Engineering
  • Construction
  • Procurement of equipments
  • Installations with material supply and support services
  • Standardised inspections
  • Testing and commissioning.

Our professionals are at your service

We have long experience in electric transmission and distribution systems and substations.

Your projects benefit from our versatile electrical expertise and service network that has both nationwide and regional know-how. You’ll get all the services that ensure smooth electrical distribution, from single repairs and modifications to large modernisations and newbuilds.

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Seppo Hietaoja
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