Security systems improve both the safety of your property and its usability

While it is good to trust people, sometimes trust can be exploited. That is why security technology is so important, as it minimises risks by removing human judgement. High quality security systems provide peace of mind – you can rest assured that your people and assets are safe. Security is a necessary cost. However, with integrated security systems that provide energy savings and cost-effective building operations, we can create real business value from your investment into security.

Benefits of installing modern security systems in your property

Modern security systems have several benefits to both the property’s owner and its users.

  • Peace of mind for property owner
  • Increased safety (real and experienced) for building users
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Minimise risk of theft, burglary and vandalism
  • Quicker response from police and rescue units

What are the components of modern security systems?

Depending on your property, there are many technological solutions which keep people and assets safe. Here is a long list of potential solutions, which all benefit from being connected to your building management system for monitoring and control.

Our people have expertise in the design, installation and maintenance of all of these systems.

Secured by Caverion guarantees the safety of your property

Secured by Caverion is our full-service, one stop shop security concept for keeping your property safe. Our highly skilled technicians use scalable open platforms with long lifecycles, which means you are not locked down to one product supplier. You will stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

What you get with Secured by Caverion:

  • Full lifecycle from design & build to install, operate and maintain
  • Cost-efficient cloud-based solutions
  • One contact, one contract for all disciplines
  • National and Nordic coverage- unified solutions throughout the Nordics
  • Available as one-time investment or as a service
  • Extensive security expertise, continuous training ensures our people are always up to date on the latest security technologies

Improve usability and reduce manual work with smart security systems

If you want more than standard security and safety, we can take your property to the next level with smart security solutions. Smart security solutions are integrated to other building technologies, such as Building Automation, HR-systems, fire systems or AV, which helps you create new value from your security systems. With smart security you can reduce manual work (e.g. security guards and receptionists) and make property access more user friendly. Contact us and we will show you how it works in practice.

Our security and safety services

Security camera

A guide for what to consider when implementing or upgrading security solutions

In this guide, we offer some guidance about what to consider if you are designing or upgrading the safety and security systems in your building(s), and explore some of the solutions available today.

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