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The number of electrical equipment and systems is increasing and so is our dependence on them and…

The number of electrical equipment and systems is increasing and so is our dependence on them and end-user expectations. Who would not want to have automated, energy-efficient and reliable electricity systems that adapt to changing situations?


A carefully designed and professionally installed electricity system

  • improves the performance of the property or industrial plant
  • improves the modularity of spaces and safety
  • has low operating costs and is easy to maintain
  • has a long-life span and is energy-efficient
  • increases productivity and business opportunities.

With regular and competent maintenance, you can ensure that the systems are working efficiently and prolong their lifecycle.

An individual electricity set-up for your building or industrial site

The right electricity set-up always begins with a use ability consideration. For example, high voltage industrial electrification, data centres or emergency power systems for hospitals have each very different needs. We help you to choose the optimal solution based on your unique needs.

Electricity know-how to meet all your needs


Harness solar and other renewable energy sources

Solar panels enable you to generate your own electricity. While they require an investment, solar panels reduce the amount of energy purchased from the grid, your overall energy costs and carbon footprint.

Also heat pumps help you to get savings on your energy costs and carbon footprint. Air-to-air, water source, and ground source heat pumps collect heat from the air, water, or ground outside your building and concentrate it for use inside.

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Install electric vehicle charging stations  

Installation and maintenance of charging stations requires extensive technical expertise and certified experience. We help you with the entire process – read more how we can help you with electric vehicle charging stations.

Choose the optimal lighting for each moment

The colour and brightness of lighting have a big impact on the end-user experience. That is why choosing the optimal illumination technology for all spaces will directly improve user satisfaction and increase the security of your property.

Ensure uninterrupted operations with UPS systems

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system switches over to a battery backup system when it detects a problem with the main electrical supply. UPS systems secure the supply of power to critical infrastructure, such as data centres, hospitals, power plants and industrial facilities. We help you to choose the best technology as well as design, implement and maintain your UPS system.

Guarantee efficient safe electricity systems in your industrial site

Due to the complexity of the processes and high safety requirements, process electrification, instrumentation and electric tracing for industry requires specialist know-how and experience. Expertise is also required in secondary damage prevention, which prevent additional damage and minimizes the production downtime in the event of a disruption. We will help you in the efficient and safe design, implementation and maintenance of electricity systems in your industrial site.

Safeguard your ship with professionally installed electric systems

The complex electrical systems of modern ships call for profound industry expertise. With years of accumulated knowledge, our specialized team will help you in the design and engineering of your electrical system and provide a smooth turn-key delivery.

Exceptional support for your building: Remote Centre and Call Centre work in close cooperation

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Why choose Caverion for your electricity project? Our inhouse experts can handle the design, installation and maintenance phases of your electricity project. This ensures proper flow of information throughout the project and reduces the time you have to spent managing it.

In the planning phase, we pick modern and high-quality durable materials that are energy-efficient throughout the entire lifecycle. Our well-trained installation experts have the required licenses and qualifications to deliver the professional high quality. In the maintenance phase, your property can be connected to the Caverion Remote Centre, where highly skilled engineers can monitor the functions of the building systems 24/7 as well as remotely test and adjust the processes. The remote centre works in close cooperation with the call centre personnel who answer your calls and messages.

Need a reliable partner to carry out your electricity project? Contact us and let’s find the optimal solution together.


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