Power plant operations and maintenance partnership for optimised energy production

Keeping power plants and energy distribution operating safely and efficiently while reducing…

Keeping power plants and energy distribution operating safely and efficiently while reducing emissions is one of the top challenges of the modern energy sector. A holistic operation and maintenance partner can significantly improve production efficiency and the value of your assets.


Increase reliability, safety and sustainability with an operations and maintenance partnership

As downtime is not an option in energy production and distribution, enabling production continuity is vital. To achieve maximum reliability while increasing safety and sustainability, plants need a comprehensive service solution for operating and maintaining the various systems and equipment of the power plant.

As experienced partner we can support you in reaching your strategic goals. Cutting edge digital technology and information analytics reduce downtime and have a direct effect on plant efficiency, while well-planned organisation ensures your success in meeting environmental and safety regulation requirements.

Optimise production and distribution

We are an experienced O&M partner that always finds a tailored solution to optimising your energy production and distribution.

We maintain and operate a large share of Finland’s hydropower, almost sixty larger hydropower plants, in addition to cogeneration and condensing power plants using different fuels. We are responsible for a significant part of Finland’s district heating production, and also operate district heating networks in Finland and Poland.

Our vast know-how and experience reach from operation and maintenance of the demand side facilities to the power and heat production units.

State-of-the-art digital services that are constantly developed further will make your operations more organised and predictable. Your organisation reaps the benefits of real-time process data, analysis and automated guidelines, which maximise the reliability, efficiency, occupational safety and sustainability of your energy production operation.

With Caverion, you can focus on your own core business with peace of mind. Get in touch and we will help you maintain and develop the value of your power plant assets and the distribution network.


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