Providing excellent customer experiences

We focus on building long-term customer relationships, excellent customer and end-user experiences and enabling you to have a sustainable, digital future.

Based on customer satisfaction survey in 2022, our customers value particularly our service attitude, business understanding, competence and work safety. Customers feel that we listen to their needs and are easy to get in touch with.

Most of our customers feel that we are really delivering well on our customer promise of “Building Performance”.


Our customers work in various fields:

  • Sustainable, functional, safe & secure and cost-efficient built environments with predictable quality and reliable cost estimates are important for all of us – for the entire society.

  • Understanding the challenges and special characters of public investment, real estate and infrastructure projects and services requires open collaboration and innovative approaches.

  • We can provide financially, technically and operationally optimal solutions – for the entire life cycle.

  • High functionality and optimised conditions have a great impact on people’s health, safety and security and performance.

  • By monitoring and adjusting facility conditions with a building management system and remote monitoring, we can help to create comfortable environments resulting in high user satisfaction and well-being of people.

  • Can production efficiency be improved with process development and technical maintenance? Most definitely. By eliminating the factors slowing down the process and causing malfunctions, the wasted materials and loss of production time can be minimised.

  • We offer industrial customers specialised knowledge, concepts and solutions based on decades of experience.

  • How to plan sustainable and cost-efficient built environments that suit their current purposes but flexibly adapt to future requirements?

  • As your partner, we ensure that your building or infrastructure is integrated, automated and future-proof: utilising the latest technology and digital, smart solutions.

  • Sustainable and digital solutions support in achieving carbon neutrality, good indoor climate and well-run buildings with guaranteed operational reliability.

  • We help our partners to maintain asset value, prolong property lifetime, increase usability, and keep costs at the target level.