Tailored Modernisations and Upgrades to increase the value of your property

To maintain or even develop the value of your property throughout its lifecycle, certain renovation,…

To maintain or even develop the value of your property throughout its lifecycle, certain renovation, modernisation and technical installation work will be required throughout the years. The partners and the technologies you choose have a great impact on how well the value actually develops.


Increase the value of your property by using the latest technology

New and technologically advanced equipment help you to increase the efficiency of your building operations and achieve cost savings. Choosing and installing the technology is most efficiently done by an expert partner, who can also handle the maintenance.

We can offer a one-stop-shop approach to renovations and modernisations. This brings full cost transparency and ensures that all your questions and concerns are answered via one point of contact. You always have the latest technology available and professional experts advise you in choosing the right solutions for your needs. Information of all updates is stored in the detailed documentation, so you can easily prove the value of your building.

Leasing services help you stay up to date at all times

Technological development is fast, and change is constant. How about leasing the latest equipment such as AV systems and security systems with flexible and affordable leasing arrangements?

By choosing a leasing contract, you will receive the latest equipment in a modern service package with a fixed monthly price. The service is customised to your needs and it can contain equipment investment, spare parts deliveries, repair visits and annual maintenance.

Key reasons to choose a leasing contract:

  • Latest building technology without risk of investment
  • Equity can be used somewhere else
  • Predictable costs with a fixed monthly fee
  • Always modern and well-functioning systems
  • Less management work as all equipment, financing and maintenance comes from the same partner

Get in touch and let us find the optimal modernisation, renovation or installation solution for your property – and the maintenance agreement to go with it.


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