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The performance and durability requirements of industrial companies are constantly tightening. The…

The performance and durability requirements of industrial companies are constantly tightening. The solution possibilities are also developing, but many companies do not have their own expertise in the latest technology and the opportunities it brings. How do you ensure that your production works in the best possible way?


With a competent partner, it is possible to find solutions to the tightening requirements with the successful planning and coordination of the whole, as well as with the latest technology and tools.

Our experts in planning and reliability solutions work as your partner in developing the production efficiency of your facility. Together with you, we will raise management with information to a new level, utilizing our digital solutions and a comprehensive approach to the development of plant reliability.

Processes managed with knowledge, skill and technology

We work alongside you when planning a new plant, renovation, modernization or other investment. We help you assess how well your plant is working and what you can do to continuously improve performance, work safety and sustainability. We make sure that the design is done from the beginning, taking into account the entire life cycle and utilizing the best existing technologies and solutions.

With the help of our extensive expertise, the latest tools and digital solutions, we improve the predictability of your facility's maintenance. Our proactive approach to industrial maintenance eliminates unplanned downtime and increases the productivity of your facility.

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Our mission is to offer our customers the best possible industrial planning and consulting expertise, project management and industrial maintenance expert services and digital solutions.

Services close to your production facilities all over Finland

Caverion's industrial design competence centers are located in more than ten locations across Finland. Our designers and project management professionals serve both in Finland and abroad.
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