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Guaranteed efficiency for the entire lifecycle with expert installations

As a property decision maker, you need future-proof solutions that comply with upcoming regulations, enable smart services for a human-centric experience and have a positive environmental impact. The technology behind these solutions has a large impact on a property's total lifecycle cost and its value preservation.

That’s why you want to be sure that all the technology is properly installed and functioning correctly from day one – without you having to spend your valuable time looking after the details.

Integrated technology drives highest possible value for your property

Integration and connectivity are key in today’s data-driven world and competence in a single building technology is no longer enough. The only way to create new value is to combine, analyse and draw conclusions from all the data of integrated system landscapes from all different building technologies. That’s why, in addition to their own technical building technology expertise, our technical experts always take into account how different building technologies work towards the shared goal of improving the efficiency, usability and sustainability of your property.

You get High quality technical expertise in installations of smart technologies

We provide technical installations for all building technologies. We provide the latest smart technologies to make your built environment user friendly, smart and sustainable.

Our expert technicians regularly study the latest technologies. They work according to our optimised processes, comply with all regulations, assure high-quality installation and follow industry leading safety standards.

Enjoy outcome-based solutions in single and multidisciplinary installations

In the design phase, you have defined the desired outcomes of your modernization, renovation or new building project. To reach those outcomes, we work together with the team who designed the solution with you, all the way up to the technical installation of the proper hardware and software. This ensures that all systems work together fluently and effectively.

Caverion develops leading technology in the key building technologies that differentiate a traditional and a future-proof optimized property. We guarantee that you’ll receive the most efficient delivery. Vitally, we’ll also commit to financial, environmental and any other agreed outcomes, ideally for the entire lifecycle of your property.

Explore building technologies in more detail

Find out more about the benefits of using the latest technology, expert installations and maintenance by choosing a building technology from the list.


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