Our service centre provides fast, on-site maintenance expertise for your industrial site

Finding professional maintenance services for your production facility can be costly and time…

Finding professional maintenance services for your production facility can be costly and time consuming. That is why having a service centre near your plant with the right expertise and the possibility to be on-site is a valuable asset.


On-site maintenance expertise from a nearby service centre

Make sure that your facility is maintained efficiently and professionally in all circumstances. We have several centres around Finland and Poland that can provide the required service level for keeping your facility running safely and effectively. Each service centre has versatile know-how and the equipment for industrial on-site maintenance and service.

Service centres help you with anything from small maintenance work to projects and long-term partnerships. We study your plant and tailor the service to suit your needs.

Our service centres combine expertise, talent and experience, providing a great variety of valuable on-site solutions.

Key service centre maintenance services and solutions:


Mechanical Services

  • Machine maintenance and repairs
  • Equipment installations
  • Machine and machine line installations
  • Conveyor track maintenance
  • Steel structure work
  • Class welding work
  • Orbital welding
  • Industrial piping
  • Process maintenance service
  • Facility and building services

Automation, instrumentation and electrification services

  • Process electrifications
  • Automation and instrumentation service
  • Heat tracing
  • Electrical distribution projects
  • IO-testing and commissioning
  • Testing and calibration of field instruments
  • Maintenance for AC and DC electrical motors
  • VACON frequency converter maintenance
  • Industrial building electrifications

Maintenance and workshop services

  • Pump and valve maintenance
  • Valve maintenance
  • Machining and workshop services
  • Transmission and gear alignment
  • Heat Exchanger and reactor maintenance
  • Leak sealing
  • Power plant maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

  • Lubrication maintenance
  • Condition monitoring and IoT-smart solutions
  • Thermal imaging
  • Compressed air maintenance and leak surveys
  • Pressure vessel inspections
  • Calibration of electrical measuring devices
  • Calibration of mechanical measuring devices
  • Condition inspections of piping systems
  • Piping maintenance
  • Pipe support maintenance

As our service centres can help you with any maintenance needs, your operations will run smoothly and without interruptions. Contact us for more information.


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