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Why invest in modernising your building? Because the benefits of a high-performing and smart building are far-reaching:

  • Property owners increase and preserve the value of their buildings by being able to run them with reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint.
  • Well-maintained and efficiently operated properties improve productivity due to reduced down-time and correct resource utilization.
  • Tenants improve their brand by providing modern and comfortable environment for their employees and customers. 
  • Retaining and attracting talents is increasingly difficult. Good, modern and healthy working environment is a significant value for employees.

To create a sustainable, high-performing and smart building, you need the best expertise in building technologies and management. That’s where Caverion consulting services can help.

Maximise long-term value with a lifecycle approach

The sudden changes of 2020 revealed how crucial flexible and easily scalable solutions are. The changes also expedited the digital revolution for building owners and tenants. All the new digital solutions create new demands and opportunities, which our experts can help you to navigate.

Caverion’s approach has always been to consider the whole building lifecycle. Knowing where you are right now and where you aim to be is the first step in reaching optimal lifecycle performance of your building. Well-planned service delivery will enable you to successfully reach you targets.

Maintain your building’s value amid tightening regulations

In 2018 the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive set new standards for EV charging and heating along with building automation and ventilation systems. Our consulting services support you in meeting EPBD and all other relevant regulations.

Find the right advisory services for your needs

  • The Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) consulting service is a great starting point to find out how mature your current technology is. Moreover, you will get advice on how you should improve/upgrade the technology in your buildings.
  • Energy Advice: One of the most important elements of urban renewal, smart buildings and building sites is energy consumption. We help you minimize consumption without sacrificing conditions and commit to fast and guaranteed outcomes.
  • Technical Advice: Knowing your building starts from technology and the insights from the data. Choosing the right systems will guarantee agility, flexibility, predictability and scalability throughout the lifecycle. With our building management system advisory services, we help you to optimise your building systems.
  • Sustainability Footprint Advisory: Environmental management is a continuous process and a way of working, and we can help you succeed in it. We combine the different aspects of property maintenance and create a common direction for your property maintenance from an environmental point of view. We are your partner in environmental management from assessing the current situation, setting goals and creating a strategy to implementing, reporting and continuously developing the operational model.
Save energy in commercial and public buildings

Save energy in commercial and public buildings

Practical measures can facility managers or building owners take to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency, including recommended values for building technology immediately and in the long-term.

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