Industrial installation services ensure smooth production in your plant

In production facilities, all installation work must be carried out with high quality and according…

In production facilities, all installation work must be carried out with high quality and according to standards. This is the only way to ensure that your production runs smoothly, equipment remains in good condition and downtime is minimised.


Secure your production process with versatile industrial installations

In order to provide safe and cost-effective service in a demanding industrial environment, your partner needs long experience in various production environments and well-established operating methods. When handled by a single partner there are no delays or gaps in communication that would risk your production timeline.

We can provide all of your industrial installation services from one source: installations of industrial renovation and construction projects, from individual pumps to complete production lines, from machinery to process installations, as well as electrical, automation and instrumentation installations.

You can also have necessary piping and steel structures supplied through us as we can provide comprehensive equipment and material deliveries. When needed, we can inspect and test equipment in accordance with standards and maintain your equipment during production time.

We can help you with the following installation needs:

  • Greenfield projects, modifications, expansions as well as maintenance assignments
  • Project management, procurement, engineering, supervision and work planning
  • Mechanical and equipment installations
  • Electrical, automation and instrumentation installations including medium- and high voltage installations
  • Electrical substations as turn-key deliveries
  • Supervision of electrically operated equipment and machinery
  • Welding, also in work assignments requiring qualification.

Looking for a partner for a special assignment?

Apart from plants and factories, you may need help with a wide range of special assignments. Here are just some examples where we are able to serve you:

  • Workshop services for machining and prefabrication
  • Engineering and manufacturing of mobile process units such as explosives charging units
  • Installation and maintenance of amusement park equipment
  • Specific public sector assignments.

Get in touch and we will be happy to help with any of your installation needs. Our operations are based in Finland and Poland, but we also work on assignments abroad.


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