Well maintained and operated Wind Power parks maximize the energy production and minimize the service costs


You can maximize the energy production of wind parks and minimize the service costs with efficient maintenance planning, well operated production and remote control. This increases your profits throughout the lifespan of your wind parks.

Whether you are an energy producer, wind park developer or turbine manufacturer in Northern Europe we can help you by providing technical consulting services, special maintenance, inspections and control engineers to watch and take care of your wind parks every hour of the year.
The service is provided with the highest standard at every stage of involvement. Our large network enables us to be cost efficient and create true value for you.

8760 Control Center

8760 Control Center engineers ensure the best production performance

Wind parks are now more than ever seen as an important energy source and sustainable energy is one support pillar for the main grid. To get the maximum production and the best performance from your investment, be it wind power, solar power, hydropower, energy storage or electrical grid, Caverion’s 8760 Control Center services will help you.

Team of Control Center engineers monitor and control partners power plants, substations and grid efficiently and systematically around the clock, every day, 8760 hours a year, via secured remote connections to ensure the best production performance. This is vital when there is a growing movement towards distributed power generation.

8760 Control Center services include remote monitoring and controlling of power plants and substations, 8760 SCADA Control and reporting services. Checks and adjustments made by our proficient Control Center Engineers, as well as their quick responding to alarms, ensures trouble-free performance of power plants and substations, thus enabling better performance quality in the long run.

Extending the lifecycle of wind parks with inspections

By taking care of various type of inspections and specialized measurement projects of wind turbines, you can extend the lifecycle of your wind park and minimize the downtime. 

Typical wind turbine inspections include e.g.

  • statutory
  • take over
  • end of warranty
  • due diligence inspections

We can take care of the fire extinguisher inspections, endoscopy and different condition monitoring measurements for you.

Wind Power Inspections
Special Maintenance image

Maintain the highest safety standard on your wind park

For us at Caverion safety is the top priority. As forerunners in wind industry maintenance services our certified and experienced team takes care of the yearly maintenance and repairs of wind turbines’ critical safety equipment. Inspecting the personal protective equipment and fire extinguishers to maintain the highest safety standard through out wind industry.

Save money by reducing the downtime of your power plant

We ensure your wind park’s smooth operation and save you money by reducing the downtime of your power plant.

We have the systems and specialists. We do it for you.

Kari Koivikko
Kari Koivikko
Head of District, Wind Power, Caverion Industria
Kimmo Kaappola
Kimmo Kaappola
Development Manager, Caverion Industria

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