Energy Advisory and Energy Efficiency services reduce costs and carbon emissions

CO2 -emissions from buildings account for almost 40% of all CO2 emissions. Reducing your building…

CO2 -emissions from buildings account for almost 40% of all CO2 emissions. Reducing your building energy usage will at the same time pave the way for a carbon neutral world.


Invest in energy efficiency and achieve a high ROI

As the price of energy is expected to rise, energy consumption has become a priority for smart buildings. The operations of a building account for approximately 80% of a building’s lifetime costs, and 50% of those costs derive from energy consumption.

An investment in energy efficiency typically pays itself back shortly. With energy-efficient building systems and services with regular maintenance you can achieve up to 30% savings in energy consumption.

With long-term energy efficiency planning, you can meet regulations and lower your operating costs, ultimately ensuring the value of your building.

Save energy in commercial and public buildings

Save energy in commercial and public buildings

Practical measures can facility managers or building owners take to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency, including recommended values for building technology immediately and in the long-term.

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Make your building smart, high-performing and sustainable

The goal is to optimise all technical building systems in order to minimise energy consumption, without sacrificing building user experience and conditions. It is critical to ensure that your partner has holistic knowledge of the compatibility and interaction of all, your technical building systems, in order to provide reliable functions for the entirety of your technical building system portfolio.

We consider energy efficiency management as an ongoing process. Whether it is a new construction project or an existing building, our energy advisers support you by assessing the current situation, setting goals and creating a strategy for implementation, reporting and continuous development. Energy efficiency management is after all a fundamental part of the maintenance of your building

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Ensure compliance with EU legislation

EU legislation including EU climate and energy targets set the compliance requirements and overall objectives for energy efficient usage of building stock. Our energy advisory services will ensure your business compliance with legislation and targets.

and generate your own energy

To make it easier for you to reduce your carbon footprint, we can help your buildings generate their own renewable energy with e.g. solar panels or local heat production, resulting in reduced demand for purchased energy.

Expert Services for improving the energy efficiency of your building portfolio

Energy strategy outlines the path to a more sustainable building portfolio

  • A systematic approach to sustainable technical solutions
  • Infrastructure development roadmaps and frameworks that link targets and actions

Energy audits assess the impact of energy efficiency measures

  • An overview of the economic impact of the recommended adjustments and investments
  • Technical development possibilities through basic overview, in-depth analysis or extensive reporting

Energy measurements for understanding the true situation

  • Identification of the necessary structure for the reliable measurement of energy consumption
  • Advice on the actions needed for more energy-efficient operation

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