Power line design, construction and maintenance

Power lines are used to transmit electricity over long distances efficiently. Renewable energy…

Power lines are used to transmit electricity over long distances efficiently. Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power are often located in remote or offshore areas and transmission lines bring energy to the point of use. The construction of transmission lines requires a high level of professionalism and strong planning skills.

If required, you can get all the services related to the construction of transmission lines from a single partner. We design, build and maintain power lines, ensuring the safe and secure transmission of energy to industry and consumers.

We offer the most comprehensive services on the market for transmission lines and electricity transmission.

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  • Construction of 110-400 kV transmission lines as KVR contracting
  • Installation of conductors by tensioning
  • Conductor replacement (power, HTLS, OPGW and lightning)
  • Reinforcement and design of gantries and poles
  • Wiring arrangements and modifications
  • Maintenance work on power lines
  • Foundation and pylon design
  • Conductor equipment design and sizing
  • Project management, documentation and procurement

Transmission line services include the design, construction and maintenance of 110 kV transmission lines, where necessary on a turnkey basis. Our staff has long experience in transmission line services, both in the construction, design and maintenance of 110-400 kV transmission lines.
We build power lines using modern methods, including our own conductor tensioning equipment.


Contact us. Let's discuss how we can help with electricity transmission and transmission lines.

Jarkko Nevalainen
Head of Unit, TMV Line, Caverion

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