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3odel’s innovative 3D visualisation tool for property data wins Hack the Office

3odel’s innovative 3D visualisation tool for property data wins Hack the Office

3D visualisation model for property data won the first Hack the Office contest in the Nordic property sector. The winning ideas were announced at Slush 2016 on 1 December 2016.

The winning 3D model offers a new way of visualising property data, and it was created by Jere Laitala and Tim Borovkov at 3odel. The second prize was awarded to Instafix, and GoFaraday placed third. 

The winners were selected by a jury of experts from Caverion and Granlund. The judges praised the winning idea for its effective visualisation and excellent potential for further development into a support tool for property management. Instafix’s idea was based on the slogan “Make maintenance Great Again”, and GoFaraday focused on cutting down on the use of electricity at offices.  

Digitisation increases the amount of property data

Technology is becoming an increasingly important element in built environments, and digitisation enables collecting property data at an unforeseen rate. At the moment, the information is used for managing energy consumption and conditions at properties, and to support property maintenance.

“As per its strategy, Caverion wants to promote the use of property data and commercialise it better. Integrated building technology systems require expertise in a number of different fields. We need new innovations in order to commercialise the data we have collected, and we wanted to challenge start-ups to take on the task, says Ville Tamminen, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Caverion.

Caverion and Granlund were the main partners at the first Hack the Office event in the Nordic property sector. The event featured an international group of start-up developers, who spent 48 hours creating innovative automation applications for smart office buildings. Four teams qualified to move on to the second round. 


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