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Caverion and NCC to deliver Syvälahti community complex in Turku, Finland

Caverion and NCC to deliver Syvälahti community complex in Turku, Finland

The Syvälahti community complex in Hirvensalo, Turku, Finland will be executed as an alliance project by Visible, an alliance between Caverion and NCC. The companies have signed contract agreements on the execution of the project with Kiinteistö Oy Turun Syvälahden koulu, owned by the City of Turku. For Caverion, the value of the contract is approximately EUR 5 million. 

Caverion will be responsible for the implementation of the building systems covering Project Management, Project Execution, and building systems design management. Caverion’s Total Technical Solutions include Heating and Sanitation, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Cooling, Electricity and Automation systems, as well as audio and safety and security related systems. NCC is responsible for the general construction of the community complex.

“Our technical solutions for the community complex will guarantee a good indoor climate and safe conditions, which are important to all users of the building, whether they are young or old. The Syvälahti community complex will be connected to Caverion’s centralised remote monitoring and management system so that the conditions in the building and its energy efficiency will be under expert supervision at all times,” says Jarno Hacklin, Executive Vice President & CEO, Division Finland of Caverion.

The community complex will utilise energy-efficient systems and equipment, anticipating also future requirements. The ventilation equipment, for instance, fulfills the requirements of The European Union's Ecodesign Directive that will enter into force in 2018.

Adaptable multipurpose premises and a new kind of learning environment

The Syvälahti community complex will have adaptable multipurpose premises suitable for shared use. Future users of the building were offered an opportunity to participate in the planning of the project during the development phase.

The project will be executed using the alliance model based on transparency, trust, shared responsibility and shared risks.

“The alliance model emphasises cooperation, with all parties involved working towards shared goals and for the good of the project. Furthermore, the alliance model facilitates innovation, as the parties work together and exchange information openly,” says Esa Lehmusvuori, head of Regional Operations at NCC.

”High-trust partnerships have increased innovation in this project. As a result of efficient and persistent planning in the alliance, we will have a new community complex, in which the work will continue with a similar, cooperative approach,” says Jarmo Salo, school headmaster of  Syvälahti.

The Syvälahti community complex will house a school for 800 pupils, a nursery for 140 children, a library and a youth club, as well as student health care and pediatric care facilities. The project will start during the spring and the complex will be completed by the autumn of 2018.

Kiinteistö Oy Turun Syvälahden koulu, owned by the City of Turku, belongs to Caverion’s Public Sector client segment.

For more information, please contact: Kirsi Hemmilä, Communications Manager, Caverion Finland, tel. +358 50 390 0941,

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