The cost-efficient, fast and effortless Pelsu Emergency Plan Documentation Platform


Maintain documents in a digital and practical manner

Emergency plan documents are key for the safety in a property and to meet legislative requirements. You can create, store and maintain all emergency plan related documents in our Pelsu digital platform.

Help your organization implement, update and share essential emergency plan information

01. Implementation – ask our experts and save time

Our experts can either create a detailed emergency plan by visiting your property, transfer an existing emergency plan or other documents to the online platform or simply provide you with the platform access to create your documentation.

02. Updating – edit as you want, as much as you want

The platform is accessible on all devices and editing is easy, whether you are managing one or a thousand emergency plans or other documents. It is easy to keep all files updated.

03. Sharing – read it on the web using any device

With our online platform, everyone has the latest version of your documents. Each document is attached to an individual web link. Sharing essential up to date information is effortless.


Utilise the Pelsu platform for sharing other key documentation in your property

The same online platform can be utilized for providing other user guidance and information to the building users in an easy, secured and controlled manner, such as:

  • Reporting disturbances
  • Recycling guidance
  • Parking information
  • Restaurant menus

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