Charging solutions for Porsche's electric cars



We are proud to be part of the E-mobility initiative of Autozentrum Sport AS, the Norwegian importer for Porsche Norway. Caverion is the partner for planning, construction and service for Autozentrum Sport AS and their dealers in Norway. 

In 2019, the first purely electric Porsche Taycan was launched in Norway. Caverion has designed and built the charging systems for Porsche's electric cars, and supported Porsche in the operation and maintenance of these systems. Amongst other things, Caverion attended courses in Germany to learn the design of facilities in accordance with Porsche AG's wishes and requirements. 

Today, Porsche’s electric cars make up over 90% of Porsche's sales volume in Norway. 

As a partner, Caverion ensures that the built charging stations are reliable and easy to maintain. We support Porsche in operating the charging solution for all dealers and currently perform predictive maintenance of all charging stations of Porsche dealers. 


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