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04.02.2020 Investor news

Caverion to electrify new building of Kuopio University Hospital in Finland

Caverion will implement electricity solutions in the second phase of the Kuopio University Hospital's New Heart 2025 project in Kuopio, Finland. The agreement on the new 10-storey building was signed with construction company Lapti. The electrification work that started in January will be completed in autumn 2022.

The customer of the alliance project is the North Savo Hospital District. Caverion also implemented electrification work in the recently completed first phase of the New Heart 2025 project.

“In the first phase of the project, the general contractor and Caverion had open cooperation and coordinating the works was seamless. Along the way, the cooperation in the alliance further deepened and tightened. We were on track with schedule, costs, and quality and we also won the Finnish ‘best worksite’ 2019 award,” says Jussi Heikkilä, Production Director at Lapti.

“The New Heart project has been carried out in good alliance spirit. From the customer perspective, we find it positive that we get cooperative professionals to implement the second phase, titled 1C2, of the project. In our previous cooperation with Caverion, the quality, schedule and costs turned out as agreed. Caverion has engaged great professionals in our project, which we consider important,” says Reino Pyy, Developer at the North Savo Hospital District.

The second phase of the project will involve constructing a building of 28,700 m2 that will have inpatient wards, outpatient clinics and imaging facilities in two floors, as well as e.g. shelter, logistics and technical facilities. A solar power system that will partially cover the energy demand is being planned for the building. The site is located at the centre of a hospital currently in operation. The aim is to manage the construction work and the demanding logistics of the worksite in a way that will cause as little disturbance as possible to the hospital operations.

“We are happy that we can continue the good cooperation with the North Savo Hospital District in the New Heart project. We want to help ensure that the hospital is safe and user-friendly for patients and staff when completed. Caverion is currently involved in several hospital projects across the country,” says Ville Tamminen, Executive Vice President, Caverion Finland.

For Caverion, Rakennusliike Lapti Oy belongs to General Contractors customer segment. Read more about our services to general contractors.

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