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Baltic Sea at the heart of Caverion

The Baltic Sea is a beautiful seascape with thousands of islands and a diverse ecosystem connecting the countries and cultures surrounding it. Every shore it touches is a home to Caverion; in many ways, it is our geographical heart. You can support efforts to protect the Baltic Sea by visiting our Smart City.

Repairing and protecting the fragile ecosystem

The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world. Each summer, blue-green algae blooms take over large swathes of the sea, making the waters uninhabitable for other species. Climate change accelerates the detrimental impact on this delicate ecosystem. We must repair and protect the Baltic Sea to create healthy, sustainable environments for the populations and ecosystems which surround and inhabit it.

Positive action from built environments

The more we collaborate towards a cleaner Baltic Sea, the better. It is only through the joint effort with our customers, individuals, businesses, and regions that we can improve the condition of our beloved Baltic Sea. Caverion has set an ambitious target to have a 10 times higher carbon handprint, through our solutions, than our footprint.

Education plays a vital role in influencing policies and behaviours, so we invite you and your friends to explore our Interactive Smart City. The Smart City reveals numerous ways we can make our built environments smarter, more sustainable, and how to reduce emissions.

Caverion’s Baltic Sea campaign

To celebrate the international Baltic Sea Day, we have decided to add an extra incentive to learning about sustainable and smart cities! By exploring three locations in the Smart City, Caverion will donate on your behalf to the John Nurminen Foundation towards efforts to save the Baltic Sea and its heritage for future generations.

Visit the Smart City and help save the Baltic Sea

You can take action to save the Baltic Sea by visiting the Caverion Smart City!

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Smart City
  2. Click on three locations to learn about ways to increase sustainability of built environments. By clicking on the locations, you earn “Green Points.”
  3. Earning three Green Points adds €3 to our donation pot for the Baltic Sea! In other words, we will donate 3 Euros for every 3 locations visited by an individual visitor for the duration of the campaign!

See you in the Smart City!


This campaign is intended to increase the awareness of smart city solutions which help create sustainable built environments. Green Points earned through misuse of the campaign site (e.g. bots, repetitive click surfing, etc) will not be counted. Caverion is responsible for the final donation, which will be announced in 2022.


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