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31.05.2021 Press release

Caverion to install EV chargers at Toyota and Lexus retailers in Sweden

The rapidly growing vehicle fleet of rechargeable electric cars means higher demands for a reliable and user-friendly charging-infrastructure.

Swedish Toyota and Lexus retailers will during the year be equipped with charging stations installed by Caverion to enable power to all future rechargeable car models. Through Caverion, all the retailers can also offer their customer an easy and safe charging connection by Toyota and Lexus.

“This is part of a changing vehicle market, where electrification from both batteries and hydrogen makes us want to establish a long-term partnership with a strong and competent player like Caverion in our market,” says Christian Norberg, CEO, at Toyota Sweden AB. “To ensure the functionality and customer value, a strong and reliable partner who can also operate across a large geographical area is important to us.”

Caverion, which has one of Sweden's largest service car fleets, will also gradually electrify its own fleet in Sweden and thereby improve the company’s environmental performance even more. In addition to creating a sustainable and reliable infrastructure that simplifies Toyota's and Lexus’s electrification in Sweden, the companies have also reached an agreement where Caverion was among the first customers when Toyota released its first fully electric transport car for the Swedish market in April.  

 “We have a strong focus on providing smart and sustainable services and e-mobility is a very exciting area for us. We are pleased that Toyota Sweden has chosen us as a partner. Our services contribute to reduced emissions in traffic and we ensure uninterrupted access to charging equipment which makes it easier for people to choose cleaner modes of transport,” says Juha Mennander, Head of Caverion Sweden division.

During 2021 Toyota and Lexus are launching several new chargeable models. In 2025 Toyota Group aims to globally sell 5,5 million electric cars annually, of which at least 1 million complete emission free hydrogen- or electric vehicles latest at the end of 2030.


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