04.10.2021 Press release

Skellefteå Kraft chooses Caverion for charging infrastructure installation at OKQ8's service stations in Sweden

As society becomes more electrified, the energy company Skellefteå Kraft and OKQ8 are creating more opportunities to charge electric cars quickly and conveniently along Sweden's roads.

“The rapid expansion of charging infrastructure in the country started this autumn when Skellefteå Kraft and OKQ8 jointly began the installation of fast EV chargers in OKQ8's network of service stations. This comprehensive rollout covers the whole of Sweden, from North to South,” says Patrik Grantås, Business Area Manager, Markets, Skellefteå Kraft.

For the first phase of the rollout, Skellefteå Kraft has appointed Caverion as the installation partner for the fast EV chargers. Caverion's engagement ensures that the infrastructure and the electricity grid are interconnected. The scope includes 11 vehicle charger stations in 2021 and a further 75 in 2022.

“We put a lot of focus on sustainability and smart technology and a developed charging infrastructure is an important part of a sustainable city.  E-mobility is a very exciting area for us and we are continuously monitoring technological developments to do our part in increasing the share of more environmentally friendly traffic,” says Uno Lundberg, Head of Caverion Sweden.

The installation project is resource-intensive work that requires advanced planning, coordination and responsiveness.

“The partners we choose to work with are helping to create the conditions for sustainable travel. Our work to make charging infrastructure available throughout the country requires successful collaboration. In the end, it's all about making it easy to switch to renewable energy and to make sustainable choices,” says Patrik Grantås.

Skellefteå Kraft and OKQ8's charging network includes 800 EV charging stations at 300 service stations in Sweden and 300 charging stations at 100 service stations in Denmark. The chargers are so-called fast chargers and have a power of 150 KW.


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